VRT weatherman warns of hot and sticky days with severe storms

The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere says that we can expect temperatures in the high twenties over the next few days. “It’s going to be warm over the next few days, very warm in fact. We are heading for temperatures between 26°C and 28°C”. Frank Deboosere also warns of severe storms with heavy rain, thunder and lightning from this evening.  

“Today will start quite sunny in many places”, Frank Deboosere told listeners to VRT Radio on Wednesday morning.  

“However, during the afternoon and evening storms and showers will come in from the south. Some of these could be very heavy”.

The showers should disappear during the night. Tonight it won’t get any colder than 16°C.

“Tomorrow and Friday it will be muggy with some heavy rain and storms that could include hail. There is also a possibility of flooding.  

Temperatures on Saturday will reach 28°C and possibly even more. However, from Sunday it will become less warm, but the chance of storms will remain.

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