Three reports of suspicious packages every day

The Brussels public transport company MIVB receives an average of 3 calls a day about suspicious packages on the capital’s bus, tram and metro network. The Brussels regional news platform Bruzz reports that since the launch of the 1707 hotline for people wishing to report suspicious behaviour MIVB has received a total of 4,338 calls from concerned passengers.

The hotline that is staffed 24 hours a day takes calls about all forms behavior that give cause for concern from passengers, including suspicious packages.

The hotline was launched in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 22 March 2016. It was one of number of measures designed to improve security on the MIVB network.

The figures also show that the number of reports of suspicious packages and suspicious behavior rose significant around the anniversary of the attacks when commemoration ceremonies for the victims were heavily reported in the media.  

The MIVB’s Françoise Ledune told the Francophone daily ‘La Dernière Heure’ that “People clearly become more suspicious whenever attacks are discussed a lot in the media”.

Two men detained in metro station

Officers from the Brussels South Local Police Service detained two men after they had been seen brandishing a gun at the Clemenceau metro station in Anderlecht. The incident happened at around 5:30pm.

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