Belgium wins football World Cup title

If football glory seems a distant dream for the Belgium eleven Belgium has already scored at the World Cup before a single ball has been kicked.  A Belgian from Namur has been selected as the new Miss World Cup.

Women from the 32 nations taking part in the football extravaganza in Russia vied for the title of Miss World Cup in Germany (of all places!).  Germany ended second (is this an omen?), while Denmark landed the third place.  The ladies strolled the catwalk in football strip, bikini and evening wear.  Belgium, though, with 18-year-old Zoë Brunet came up trumps and actually won this event!

Zoë not only returns home from Germany with football fame but also with a cheque for 3,500 euros.  Only last January Zoë stranded as a runner up in the Miss Belgium competition.

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