Brussels Airlines angers Egyptian embassy

The Egyptian embassy in Brussels has lashed out at the troubled Belgian flag carrier Brussels Airlines.  The Egyptians are up-in-arms after the Belgian airline decided not to start regular flights to the Egyptian resort of Sharm-El-Sheikh following a "security analysis". 

The Egyptians accuse the flag carrier of failing to provide a credible explanation for their decision, while at the same time inflicting damage on Egypt's tourism sector.  Brussels Airlines was supposed to start flights to Sharm on 29 June.  The airline said that travelling to the resort wasn't the subject of any negative advice, but that you also had to take account of the route needed to get there!  The carrier says that the route is too dangerous!  Over 1,000 people had already purchased a ticket.

The Egyptian embassy in Brussels speaks of several calls from concerned travellers.  Brussels Airlines' decision has made people worried about the security at Sharm-El-Sheikh.  The embassy is keen to underline the airline didn't contact the Egyptians before taking their decision and speaks of a "non-existent security risk".  It is keen to reassure Belgian tour operators and notes tourism in Sharm is currently rebounding.

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