Brussels children survive 3rd floor fall

As if by miracle three children survived the fall from the third floor of a building in the Brussels borough of Anderlecht on Friday afternoon.  The children aged two and eleven were injured. 

The three children were playing at home in a building in the Heyvaertstraat, when two-year-old twins fell out of a window.  How exactly this happened is under investigation.  The twins ended up on a roof below.  Their 11-year-old brother jumped after them. All three were taken to hospital.  A check-up revealed they had only been slightly injured apart from the elder boy who had a broken leg.

The two-year-olds are twins.  The 11-year-old is their elder brother.  He, unfortunately, suffered a fractured leg.  Brussels prosecutors are now heading an investigation.  They say that first indications suggest an accident.  Prosecutors are also examining the conditions in which the children were being brought up.  The children's parents, who are from Syria, were not present at the time. When the investigation has been concluded the prosecutor's office will decide whether any will be taken in the courts.  Federal police technicians also attended the scene and a police physician is working on the case too.

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