"Kosovars planned terrorist outrage in Belgium"

Two Kosovars, a man and a woman, have been arrested in their native country on suspicion of planning terrorist atrocities in Belgium and France.  The couple are believed to have targeted the population at large as well as NATO troops stationed in Kosovo.

The couple is suspected of planning suicide attacks on NATO troops and places that are well frequented using vehicles loaded with explosives.  Suicide attacks targeting the population were pencilled in for France and Belgium too.  The man, a 26-year-old holds dual Belgian-Kosovar nationality and has relatives in Belgium.  The relatives are not believed to be involved in his plans.

Belgian prosecutors say the two suspects form part of a Kosovar terrorist outfit.  Their plans to carry out attacks in Belgium and France were not well-advanced.

The couple was arrested on Tuesday.  The motive for the planned attacks has not been divulged.  They will stay in jail at least for a month.

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