Jonas Hamers / ImageGlobe

Belgian Rail Company asks passengers to be punctual!

Are you a regular or occasional passenger on Belgium's national rail service, the NMBS?  Beware, because a new threat could spoil your journey.  In future the doors of all Belgian rail trains will close a full thirty seconds before the train is scheduled to leave the station.  If you long for a happy rail journey, make sure you don't miss your service and be on time!

Belgian rail is closing the doors early out of safety concerns.  Under the old departure procedure some doors only closed as motion touched the train.  The rail company believes that this confused many a passenger, who thought they could still hop on!  The result was anger, frustration, verbal and sometimes even physical abuse of rail staff.  The NMBS hopes that the new procedure will address these issues.  The company is asking passengers to be punctual and on the platform on time.

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