Council paints zebra crossing at the end of somebody's drive!

Great was the surprise when the residents of a house on the Lijsterstraat in Londerzeel came home one evening only to find that the council had painted a zebra crossing on the road at the end of their drive.  Fortunately the council workers had shied away from adding any Belisha beacons!

"A tremendous surprise", this is how Gerty, who lives in the house, described the embellishment.  "I would really like to know who came up with this brainwave!  Now I really have to be especially careful I don't run down any pedestrians when I exit my drive!"

Opposition to the new zebra crossing is gaining pace.  Several local residents intend to take the matter up with the local council and insist that the crossing is moved elsewhere!  They can't count on much support from local politicians.  Tom Troch, who is charged with transport in the city cabinet, can't see what all the fuss is about and believes it doesn't make the slightest difference whether the crossing is located here or elsewhere: "Drivers have to take as much care if the crossing is located here or two yards further up the road. The crossing was moved because we've placed wooden posts to prevent drivers from parking on the pavement.  The end of the drive is the only place without the posts.  That’s why it's there."

Mr Troch is prepared to make one concession: "The council workers should have spoken with the householder before painting the crossing at the end of his drive!”

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