Doel 4 reactor back in service

The Doel 4 reactor at the Doel nuclear power station in East Flanders is back in service. It had been out of service since Saturday evening after the reactor’s safety mechanism closed it down due to a fault in the non-nuclear part of the reactor. The power station’s other three reactors were already out of action for various reasons.  

Spokeswoman Nele Scheerlinck told VRT News that Doel 4 re-entered service at around 9:30am.  

"Test procedures are being followed and gradually power will be built up so that Doel 4 should be operating at full capacity again by the afternoon”.  

With the Doel 1 and Doel 2 reactions out of action for routine maintenance and the Doel 3 reactor not due to be re-enter production until the beginning August, the incident with the Doel 4 reactor meant that the power station wasn’t producing any electricity at all for just over a day and a half.  

Nevertheless, electricity supply was never under threat. The Doel nuclear power station is good for 15% of the electricity produced in Belgium. The 4 reactors entered service between 1975 and 1985 and have a total production capacity of 2,905 megawatts. With a production capacity of 1,039 megawatts, Doel 4 is the largest of the reactors at the Doel nuclear power station.  

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