Cedric Hatto

Internet thefts peak due to WhatsApp and social media

During the first three months of this year 1,361people became the victims of internet fraudsters that had stolen money from their internet banking accounts. This is 60% more than during the same period last year.

Almost all cases can be attributed to so-called phishing, whereby criminals steal an internet-user’s codes and private data.    

The total amount stolen during the first three months of the year was 1.95 million euro, up 215% on the same period last year.

During the whole of 2017, online thieves stole a total of 2.5 million euro.  

Almost all the fraudster use the same technique known as phishing. The send mails claiming to be from a bank or from other “trustworthy” agencies such as the police or the Tax Office in order to win their victim’s trust.

The e-mail contains a link that leads to a bogus website. The website asks you to give their bank codes, the series of numbers they use to log-on to their home banking and the pin number of their debit and/or credit card.

The criminals use this information to steal money from their victims’ bank accounts.


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