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No DNA test for King Albert, for the time being at least

The Court of Appeal in Brussels has ruled that it is as yet unable to answer a request by Delphine Boël for King Albert II to undergo a DNA test. Ms Boël has asked for Belgium’s former Head of State to be DNA tested in order to prove conclusively that he is her biological father.    

Delphine Boël’s fight for recognition as King Albert’s biological daughter has been going on for years.  

In 2013 the man that bought the artist up Jacques Boël underwent a DNA test to prove that he was not Delphine Boel’s biological father. This marked the start of legal proceedings the aim of which was for a court of law to official state that Mr Boël was not Delphine’s Boël real father. Only then can proceedings begin to prove officially that King Albert is Delphine Boël’s father.

However, despite the DNA test’s findings, the court decided last year that Jacques Boël should still officially be considered to be Delphine Boël’s father. As Mr Boël had acted as such for so many years, the Judge ruled that he was legally her father.   

No DNA test for the time being

Delphine Boël lodged an appeal. On Monday evening the Court of Appeal in Brussels made an interlocutory judgement on the case. The court rules that Jacques Boël will not have to take another DNA test. This had been requested by King Albert’s lawyers as they said that the first DNA test was unreliable.

However, the court didn’t expect this. The court also ruled that it cannot give an answer Delphine Boël’s request for King Albert to be subject to DNA test until if an when the earlier ruling stating that Jacques Boël is her father is overturned.

Jacques Boël’s paternity will be discussed at a hearing in September.  

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