Judge withdraws Belgian nationality as part of terrorist's sentence

For the first time a Belgian court has withdrawn a terrorist's Belgian nationality as part of a court sentence.  The judge in Charleroi withdrew the nationality from a 21-year-old with dual Belgian-Serbian nationality as he was sentenced to ten years in jail for being the leader of a terrorist outfit. 

The ruling read: "The fact that the defendant planned attacks on national soil, that preparations were already underway,..., represents a violent attack on the pillars of our state.  Somebody who acts in this fashion can no longer hold Belgian nationality."

The terrorist was arrested in June 2016 as he was about to commit an outrage.  Together with an accomplice he was searching for weapons on the dark web.  He was also attempting to create a terrorist cell. E. Suljemani is believed to have received his instructions straight from Syria.  Tarik Jadaoun, a Belgian terrorist sentenced to death in Iraq, is said to have instructed him to murder an imam and to carry out an attack against a disco or during the Euro 2016 football fest.

It is the first time that a court sentence includes the removal of Belgian nationality as a punishment.  Appeal remains possible.

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