"We can't tolerate this behaviour in our country"

The Grand Mosque of Brussels is under investigation by the Brussels public prosecutors.  Racism and discrimination are two of the lines of enquiry. 

The OCAD, the government body that keeps tabs on the terrorist threat in Belgium, earlier sounded the alarm.  It emerged that several manuals used to train imams in Belgium espoused the Salafist ideology and called on the faithful to take part in a jihad or Holy War.  OCAD also warned that Salafism was gaining the upper hand in Belgium at the expense of more moderate Muslim ideologies.

The Grand Mosque is under investigation to see whether or not it has infringed anti-racism legislation.  The investigation came to light when Belgian justice minister Koen Geens was quizzed in parliament.  Peter De Roover, the floor leader of the Flemish nationalist N-VA in the Chamber of Representatives, welcomed the investigation, but believes it's late in the day: "The manuals have been in circulation since the Eighties.  They are shocking.  We can't tolerate this behaviour in our country."

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