Federal Police fined for breaking Low Emission Zone rules

The Federal Police Service has been issued with fines for having driven older diesel vehicles within the Antwerp Low Emissions Zone. The news that the Federal Police Service has been fined appears in Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ and has been confirmed by Federal Police sources.

The Federal Police Service has send a circular to its officers working in Antwerp asking them to use petrol cars or newer diesels as much as possible when they need to drive within the Low Emission Zone.     

Guy Theyskens of the Federal Police confirms that at least one fine has been issued to the Federal Police Service for breach of the rules governing the Antwerp Low Emission Zone. The Low Emission Zone came into force last March. Since then those driving into the zone with older diesel vehicle have been issued with fines.  The Brussels-Capital Region is set to launch a Low Emissions Zone soon. 

Mr Theyskens says that the Federal Police Services is currently in negotiations with the City of Antwerp and the Brussels-Capital Region to get exemptions for around 60 of its vehicles that don’t conform to the Low Emissions Zone norms. He added that this is a short-term solution and that the Federal Police plans to replace its older diesel vehicles with hybrid or petrol cars in time.

The exemption that is being requested is the same exemption that applies to all so-called “priority vehicles”. Priority vehicles are vehicles used by the emergency services (including the police) during call outs.  


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