Ghent has a new veterinary practice for the poor

A new veterinary practice has opened in the East Flemish city of Ghent that is specially aimed at pet owners that are less well-off. Many poorer people that have pets are unable to foot the bill if their animal becomes ill.

Other essential treatment such as annual vaccinations or the sterilisation of cats are beyond of the reach of those with a low income.

The new practice enjoys the support of the Prince Laurent Foundation. The Prince Laurent Foundation was set up in 1996, under the presidency of Prince Laurent. The Prince Laurent Foundation’s activities are focused on four areas: veterinary dispensaries, the Belgian platform for alternative methods to animal experimentation; the Equine Research & Welfare Fund and its scientific prizes and awards.

The new dispensary will also getting support from Ghent City Council and the University of Ghent. It is to be found in the Vogelenzang Park, near to the Sint-Lucas Hospital.    

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