Fewer animals in Flemish animal sanctuaries

The number of animals that ended up in animal sanctuaries in Flanders fell by 14% in 2017. According to figures from the Flemish Minister responsible for animal welfare Ben Weyts (nationalist) the number of stray cats in animal sanctuaries was down by 30% and the number of cats being put to sleep by animal sanctuaries fell by 41%.

Mr Weyts says that this is confirmation that he was right to introduce a number of measures including the sterilisation of cats before they reach the age of 5 months.  

During 2017 a total of 24,607 animals ended up in an animal sanctuary this is down 14% on 2016, which in turn was down 16% on the figures for 2015. The figures are a total of the number of animals that were taken in by the 77 animal sanctuaries in Flanders. Of the 24,607 animals more than half (12,558) were cats and 5,530 were dogs.  

Fewer animals being put down

The number of animals being put to sleep also fell by 5%. The fall most pronounced with cats in general (-30%) and stray cats in particular (-41%).

Flemish animal welfare policy has concentrated on reducing the stray cat population. Since May of this year all Flemish municipality have been obliged to draw up a stray cat action plan.  

Mr Weyts calls on Flemings to follow his example and to adopt an animal from an animal sanctuary. Mr Weyts and his family have a dog and a cat that he adopted from an animal sanctuary.    


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