Two thirds of Flemings in favour of Belgian national anthem at sporting events

According to a study carried out by Brussels Dutch-Medium Free University VUB two-thirds of Flemings feel that the playing of the Belgian national anthem the Brabançonne before or after a sporting event provides for a moment of belong to Belgium. The university’s Sport & Society research group surveyed 1,600 Belgians, Flemings and Walloons, about the social impact of top sport.  

According to 64% of Flemings and 70% of Walloons said hearing the Brabançonne at sporting events makes them feel greater attachment to Belgium. 80% of Flemings and 73% of Walloons get a good feeling when Belgium wins a gold medal at the Olympics.     

62% of those surveyed say that they are very proud of Belgian sportspeople’s performances.

65% feel that success at major sporting events is important.

In a press release the researchers wrote that “The success at the last Olympic Games and the performances of the Red Devils have had an effect”.

Success in top sport is seen as being more important than Belgian achievements in the areas of art, literature, but less important than in the fields of science, technology and the economy.   

Belgium enjoy success in football the most (22%), followed by athletics (11%), tennis (8%) and cycling (8%)  

The survey also shows that Belgians are more proud of sportspeople from the same language community as themselves. Flemings are more proud of Flemish sportspeople than they are of Francophone sportspeople and vice-versa.   

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