19 cyclists injured after car drives into to cycle race

19 cyclists were injured on Sunday after a car ploughed into them while they were taking part in a cycle race in Hainaut province. The accident happened at Wasmes in the municipality of Colfontaine.

The Mayor of Colfontaine Luciano D'Antonio (socialist) told journalists that the victims were taking part in a provincial cycling competition organized by Francophone Cycling Federation. The accident happened during the 2nd of 3 races, 3km from the finishing line.  

Among the injured are 3cyclist from Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany that sustained open fractures. The other 16 victims suffered minor injuries. The injured were taken to serveral hospitals including Mons and Warcquignies.  

The Mayor says that the organisers had taken sufficient safety measures and that the accident happened “pure by chance”. The 3rd race was cancelled. The Mons Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation.   


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