Leuven to Brussels cycle highway to become 800 metres shorter

The Flemish regional authorities and the province of Flemish Brabant are to join forces with the municipality of Kortenberg to make major improvements to a stretch of the Leuven to Brussels cycle highway. The work will see the cycle path that links the Flemish Brabant university city with the capital shortened by 800 metres.  

The Flemish regional authorities and the provincial authorities have set aside 2.3 million euro for the work on cycle highway F3. For much of its route the F3 cycle highway runs parallel with the main Brussels-Leuven railway line. However, in Kortenberg cyclist face three diversion from the otherwise largely straight route.     

There are at bridges at Erps-Kwerps station and at the Zavelstraat where cyclists have to cross a busy road. Those using the cycle highway have long asked for something to be done.

Once the work is completed cyclists will be able to continue in a straight line along the side of the railway track.

The work will also result in the number of parking spaces at Kortenberg station being increased from 22 to 95.

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