Jonas Hamers / ImageGlobe

Two day of rail strikes this month

Between now and the end of the month there will be strike action on the country’s railways for two day, rather than the twelve days that had been previously feared. The strike notices tabled by the OVS and Metsip-Project unions have been rejected and consequently on the 48-hour strike by the socialist rail union ACOC will go ahead.  

The Independent Rail Personnel union (OVS) and Metsip-Project had planned 9 days of strike action between now and the end of the month. However, the strike notices have been rejected for procedural reasons. According to HR-rail that employs them the two unions had immediately issued a strike notice rather that initiation the so-called “alarm bell procedure” that would have allowed for a cooling-off period during which efforts could be made to resolve the dispute. Only is no resolution is found during the cooling-off period can a strike notice be issued.  

OVS has since initiated the “alarm bell procedure”. However, Metsip-Project hasn’t done so yet.  If the unions still want to strike they will only be able to do so at least 8 days after negotiations have broken down.
Currently, only ACOD will strike as the train drivers’ union ASTB has shelved its plans for a strike.  

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