Twenty Liège shooting heroes given medals for bravery

Twelve police officers, six people that work at the Léonie de Waha school and two others have been given medals for the bravery they displayed during last month’s shooting in Liège. The medals were awarded at a ceremony in Liège on Monday evening.

On 29 May a prisoner that was on release from prison shot dead two police officers with their own weapon before killing the passenger of a car, a 22-year-old student, that happened to be passing by. A terrorism investigation has been opened into the killings.   

The Mayor of Liège Willy Demayer (Francophone socialist) first paid homage to the victims. A number of their family members were present at the ceremony.  

A minute’s silence was observed before the Mayor began presenting medals to those had had shown bravery during the attack.  

Among them were the school cleaning lady that had locked the entrance to the school and had prevented the attacker for creating yet more carnage. The owner of the bar near to where the attack took place that hid his customers in order to protect them was also honoured. The twelve police officers that attended the scene were award medals in their absence in order to preserve their anonymity.

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