Activists occupy building site of new asylum detention centre

Activists have managed to get onto a building site where a new closed asylum centre for families is being built. They occupied the site to protest against the way Belgium is dealing with immigrants.

The action was staged in Steenokkerzeel, close to Brussels Airport. The place is located next to the present closed centre 127bis. The new centre will serve as a place to lock up families before they are sent back to their country. 

A few dozen activists, operating under the name '#NotinMyName' managed to get on the building site, displaying banners and shouting slogans, such as "nobody is illegal" and "they lock up, we block".   

Noemie Tymen told reporters that "we want to protest against the asylum policies that Belgium and  Europe are presently adopting. We want an alternative. People coming to Belgium should receive a warm welcome. The borders need to open." Activists also want the present undocumented people to receive a legal status. 

A massive police force came to the scene to get the protesters off the premises. Not an easy task, since some had climbed on the roof, while others had chained themselves to the fences or to concrete blocks. Firefighters were called to the scene to help out. All protesters were apprehended and taken into custody. 

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