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Number of Belgian dollar millionaires 7 percent up

Last year saw 122,600 Belgian residents boasting a fortune of at least 1 million dollars.  That's according to figures supplied by consultants Capgemini in their latest World Wealth Report. The figure is 7.3 percent up on the year. However, the rich Belgians are not so happy about how their wealth is being managed. 

Worldwide, there are an estimated 18.1 million dollar millionaires, a figure which is also 10 percent up. This puts the Belgian increase just below the global rise. 

The rich Belgians represent a total capital worth 313.9 billion dollars. The rich got richer mostly due to economic growth and the stock exchange, Capgemini reports. Private banks account for a substantial growth of capital, but Belgian dollar millionaires are not really happy about the asset management.  The magic figure of one million dollars represents, at present, about 865,000 euros. 

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