Special attraction for cyclists in the Limburg woodlands

The Limburg municipality of Hechtel-Eksel is to build a special kind of attraction for cyclists: a circular cycleway which takes you high up among the trees. 

The system has similarities with the canopy walks offered to tourists in tropical countries. There, you have special wooden bridges to allow you to have the experience of being high up"inside" the trees. Limburg wants to create its own version, this time for cyclists.  

The cycleway has the shape of a circle, and climbs up to 10 metres high. The  double circle has a diametre of 100 metres and climbs 3 to 4 percent on average. It will be 700 metres long.  Slim pillars of 20 centimetres wide will be used to support the whole construction. Their size will resemble those of the local pine trunks, designers say.

The cash for the project comes from SALK, the investment project for Limburg set up in the aftermath of the closure of the Ford Genk car plant. The Flemish Tourism Minister Ben Weyts (N-VA) says that "Flanders is investing 2.7 million in the project. This is bound to become a tourist attraction, and it will encourage bicycle tourism. This will also boost the Limburg hospitality sector." 

At present, the touristic Limburg town of Bokrijk already has an attraction called "Fietsen door het water" (cycling through water) which proved a success, with almost 400,000 visitors so far. 

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