Rik Wouters painting sold for record sum in London

The Flemish artist Rik Wouters’ painting “Lady in the woods, blue hat in hand, arm raised” has been sold at auction in the British capital London for almost 1.4 million euro. The auction house Sotheby’s says that this is a record amount paid for work by the fauvist artist.  

The painting was sold for 1.21 million pounds that is around 1.38 million euro. This is more than double the previous record amount paid for a Rik Wouters painting. The art experts at Sotherby’s had valued the painting at between 320,000 and 400,000 euro. However, it fetched more than 3 times as much.

“Lady in the woods, blue hat in hand, arm raised” was painted by Rik Wouters (1882-1916) in the summer of 1914. The painting shows his muse Nel. She was the inspiration for around thirty of his paintings in total.    

Nel is shown in her well-known striped dress that later formed the inspiration for a collection by the Antwerp fashion designer Dries Van Noten. It was the last of Rik Wouters’ paintings featuring Nel wearing the dress.   

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