Two ATMs blown up at Limburg post offices

The Belgian post office Bpost is to speed up the implementation of extra security measures agreed last week after two separate incidents in which ATMs were blown up in the foyers of two post offices in Limburg province.   

The incidents happened at Lommel and Lummen and are the latest in a series that have seen gas used to blow up ATMs and rob them of their contents.  

Bpost’s spokeswoman Barbara Van Speybroeck told VRT News that “We will continue with the implementation of the action plan and speed up the implementation of a number of extra measures”.

Ms Van Speybroeck wouldn’t go into any detail about the measures that will be taken. However, she did say that they concern the ATM’s infrastructures and accessibility.  

“Also the amount of cash in the machines will be modified”, Ms Van Speybroeck added. .

At the end of last week a meeting was held between the bank sector, the Interior Ministry, the police and the justice department about the series or ATM robberies involving explosions.    

One of the measures agreed was to make ATM located inside bank/post office building inaccessible from 11pm. The banks will meet tomorrow for new talks to discuss the situation.  


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