Planckendael animal park reinforces security measures

Planckendael, the animal park in Muizen near Mechelen, is taking extra measures after the controversy about the shooting of an escaped lion, last Thursday. It will reinforce security procedures to reduce the chance of human errors. 

The lioness escaped on Thursday morning and was eventually shot as she was coming too close to an old train carriage where some visitors had seeked refuge. The animal was shot after two attempts to anesthetize her had failed. 

The escape from her enclosure turned out to be a human error. The animal park has announced it will invest half a million in a better security: double automatic locks will be installed on the enclosures of animals of prey, elephants and apes. The so-called Lock Out Tag Out system means that one gate can only be opened when the first one has been closed.

"The Antwerp Zoo introduced the system last year, as one of the first zoos in Europe", explains Ilse Seghers of Planckendael. 

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