Majority of Flemish motorists believe that SPECS is a justifiable means of speed limit enforcement

According to a survey carried out by the motoring association VAB, 75% of Flemish motorists believe that SPECS camera systems are a justifiable means of carrying out speed checks. SPECS is an average speed measuring speed camera system. It is one of the systems used for speed limit enforcement in Belgium.

SPECS cameras operate as sets of two or more cameras installed along a fixed route. They work by using an automatic number plate recognition system that records a vehicle’s front number plate at each fixed camera site.

As the distance between cameras sites is known, the average speed between a vehicle has travelled at can be calculated based on how long it takes it to travel from one SPECS camera to the next.

Meanwhile, the Flemish Transport Minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) has announced that 69 additional SPECS systems will become operational across Flanders within a year.        

The majority of those surveyed believe that SPECS systems have contributed to greater road safety on motorways and that SPECS has reduced the number of traffic jams.

SPECS systems on minor roads are said to have improved road safety, particularly for cyclists.  

Almost 7 out of 10 of the motorists surveyed said that road signs should be erected so that they are aware that a SPECS system is in operation.  

While Flemish motorists are generally enthusiastic about SPECS, this is much less the case in Wallonia. There just under half of drivers believe that SPECS speed control systems are a good thing.  

Road Safety Institute “Fewer serious accidents”

The Road Safety Institute Vias says that there are fewer serious accidents thanks to VIAS. According, to Vias the number of road accidents involving injury are 30% down in areas where SPECS systems are in operation.

Similarly the number of road traffic accidents in which someone is killed or seriously injured are down by 56% on stretches of road covered by SPECS systems.  

On the 7km long stretch of the E40 motorway between Wetteren and Erpe-Mere in East Flanders where a SPECS system is operational Vias found that the number of drivers caught exceeding the speed limit was down by 71%.   

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