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20,000 have joined class action against Facebook

20,000 Belgians have signed up for a representative action that was started by the consumers’ association Test-Aankoop against the social media site Facebook. According to Test-Aankoop, the aim of the class action is to enable people to regain control over their own personal data.

The consumers ‘association is demanding 200 euro in compensation per person that signs up for the lawsuit.   

The idea for the lawsuit came in the wake of the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. Then it was revealed that the personal data of millions of Facebook—users had been shared without their permission.  

The case brought by Test-Aankoop against Facebook the submitted to court today. However, it will be a sometime yet before there is a ruling.

"A the Judge will give a time frame in October, but it won’t be until 2019 that we will know for sure if the case will be heard. In the meantime people continue to join the class action”, Test-Aankoop’s Simon November told VRT News. .

"For it is clear that Facebook breached privacy laws. The company has a business model that is based on our data and they use it to make money. This must be stopped”.

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