Flemish government announces 1.25 billion investment in projects around the Antwerp Orbital

The Flemish Government has announced investments totalling 1.25 million euro in a total of 18 projects designed to improve the quality of life for those living and working around the Antwerp Orbital motorway. As was announced earlier, stretches of the motorway will be covered over. However, this will not be done along its entire length. A cycle bridge is also included in the plan as is a lido at the Noordkasteel.  

Last year the Flemish Government reached agreement with a number of action committees concerning the Oosterweel Link. It was agreed that a roof be put on the Antwerp Orbital Motorway in a similar way to how the Spanish authorities tackled the issues from noise nuisance and pollution from the M 30 ring road in Madrid. It was also decided that through traffic should be separated from local traffic.

The Flemish Government also agreed to take measures to reduce the number of cars in Antwerp. In exchange, the action committees agreed to withdraw a complaint against the Oosterweel Link plans that they had lodged with the Council of State.

The Flemish Government is investing 1 billion euro while the Port of Antwerp and the City of Antwerp are investing a total of 250 million euro.

A roof will be put on a total length of 3.25 kilometres of the road. Stretch of the road due to be covered over include the area or the orbital motorway around the Sportpaleis events hall and around the South Station where around the junction with the A12 motorway.  

The areas that will not be given a roof will get greener verges and measures will be taken to reduce the noise nuisance from the motorway to local residents.

"Half of the cranes used for in the construction industry in Flanders are already in Antwerp, now the other half can come here too”, the Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (Flemish Nationalist) joked. Meanwhile, the Flemish Transport Minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) said that "This is only the start, but it is a serious investment”.

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