Rail strike jeopardises youth movements’ summer camps

With the last day of the summer term on Friday, many branches of youth movements such as the Scouts and Chiro were planning to take the train to their simmer camps during the weekend. However, these plans have been thwarted by this weekend’s planned industrial on the railways action by the social trades union ACOD.

The strike starts on Thursday evening at 10pm and lasts until Saturday night.  With no certainty as to whether the train they had planned to take will run, Scouts, Chiro and other youth movements leaders are having to either seek alternatives or delay their departure until Sunday.  

Jan Van Reusel of Scouts and Guides Flanders told the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ that "It is the third year in a row that there has been a rail strike when we are due to leave.”

“We opt for public transport as it is a sustainable and ecological choice. However, this obliges us to find an alternative”.

The strike could see a lot of children and young people having to change their plans.

"Moreover, this could bring with it extra expense as we have to make alternative arrangements and possible uses cars or busses”, Mr Van Reusel added.

This year around 250,000 members of youth movements will go on summer camps. These include 100,000 members of Chiro, 80,000 Scouts and 70,000 members of KSA and other smaller youth movements.  


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