Planckendael confronted with third elephant death in a month's time

A third elephant has passed away in the animal park of Planckendael in only a month's time. Tarzen was a baby elephant of just 11 weeks. His mother, Phyo Phyo, had a severe kidney problem and died early June. 

Tarzen had been very fragile from his birth, on 11 April. This was because his mother, Phyo Phyo, had been in poor health. Tarzen was given extra feeding even before his mother died. His caretakers gave their best and noticed positive signals in behaviour and weight. 

However, the baby elephant suddenly succumbed yesterday. A vet came to the spot, but this was of no avail. The zoo released the news today. Earlier, the young elephant Qiyo also died. Phyo Phyo's daughter was almost three years. 

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