Disaster for evening commuters: rail services halted because of juvenile delinquents

Rail traffic across the country was disrupted late on Tuesday. After youths had thrown stones from a bridge, all rail traffic between Brussels-North and Schaarbeek was completely suspended for one hour, which had severe consequences for many big lines.  

Rail services were suspended from around 6.40 PM. "Youths were hurling stones from a bridge on Lambermont Avenue", Belgian Rail spokesman Dimitri Temmerman told reporters. Police said that they only managed to hit one train, but it is not clear how big the damage is. Nobody could be arrested. For security reasons, all rail traffic was halted.

As the incident happened on a very busy stretch, rail services were affected across the country. The links to Brussels Airport, Antwerp, Leuven and Ghent were among those hit, but the board in Brussels Central (top photo) shows that actually all services were affected as a result. Rail traffic resumed after one hour, but the consequences could be felt for the rest of the evening. 

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