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48 hour rail strike from 10pm this evening. What can we expect?

A 48-hour rail strike gets under way from 10pm this evening. The Belgian rail company NMBS expects that only around 1 in 3 trains will run and will concentrate on offering as good a service as possible during the morning and evening rush hours. This will be the first strike since the introduction of a mandatory minimum service obligation during strikes.  

NMBS has, based on the number of people that want to work tomorrow, drawn up a modified reduced timetable. This will allow passengers the luxury of knowing in advance whether trains are running on their line.  However, even this isn’t 100% certain as it depends on how many key staff actually turn up for work.

Passengers are advised to check the NMBS’ Online Route Planner regularly. The best thing to do is to check just before leaving for the station as things could change at the last minute.  

1 op de 3 treinen

During the rush hours it expected that there will be IC trains between major towns and cities and L and S services that stop at most if not every station en route. Outside the rush hour only IC services will operate. It is likely that the disruption will be worse in Wallonia that in Flanders.  

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