Flemings asked to be prudent when using water

The continuing dry spell has seen water reserves fall considerably in our region. Since Thursday a “Code Yellow” water supply warning has been in force in 137 of the 308 municipalities in the Flemish Region. The warning. Broadly speaking the warning covers the area of Flanders to the West of Brussels and Antwerp and includes much of West and East Flanders and the west of Flemish Brabant.

Code yellow” means that demand for water threatens to exceed supply. Those living in municipalities where a code yellow warning is in force are requested to prudent when using main water.   

This is the first time that a code yellow warning has been issued. Code yellow is one of the colour coded warning levels included in the so-called “Escalation Model” that was launched after last year’s drought to enable the water suppliers to communicate more effectively and uniformly with their customers.

Carl Heyrman of Aquaflanders that groups our region’s water suppliers told VRT News that “The modal starts with code green (normal supply levels). The next levels are yellow and orange. The most acute level is red. This would only be enforced in the event of an absolute water supply emergency.  

Empty rainwater tanks

"Code yellow" is now in force in almost all municipalities in East and West Flanders and in the Pajottenland area of Flemish Brabant

"The use of mains water there has increase dramatically. This is because it hasn’t rained for some time and rainwater tanks are empty, meaning that people can’t use rainwater any more to water their lawns but have to use drinking water. This means that the demand for drinking water now threatens to exceed the production capacity. This is why we are asking people to voluntarily limit their consumption in the hope that provincial governors won’t have to take mandatory measures”, Mr Heyrman added.         

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