Teenage boys admit to having pelted trains with stones

Two boys from Brussels aged 13 and 15 have admitted that they were behind stone-throwing incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday that lead to trains being delayed and thousands of commuters waiting for hours in stations before they were able to get a train home. The problem was especially bad on Tuesday evening.

The boys pelted the trains with stones from a bridge between Schaarbeek Station and Brussels-North. Trains services were interrupted between the two station and this had repercussions for service across a large part of Belgium.

The Brussels Judicial Authorities now report that two boys aged 13 and 15 have confessed. Three boys had been detained, but one of them was found not to have been involved. Neither of the two boys that have confessed have been in trouble with the law before.  

The boys’ parents were also question and are reported to be shocked by what their sons have done.

The boys were released after questioning. They are due to appear at the Public Prosecutor’s offices today. There a decision will be made on what procedures will be taken against the boys.

On Thursday the Judicial Authorities said that the incident is being viewed as “Malicious hindrance to traffic”, an offence that carries a prison sentence of between 5 and 10 years if the person found guilt ids an adult.   

In addition to any fine or custodial sentence, the boys and their parents could face a compensation claim for any the damage to the trains, the rail infrastructure and for the delays they caused to rail services.  

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