Rail traffic disrupted, but impact is moderate

The socialist trades union for Belgian Rail (ACOD) is going into its second day of strike. There are no extra trains to the coast, but the overall impact is moderate, as an estimated 50 percent of the trains are going. 

Belgian Rail had warned that rail services would be heavily disrupted today, but just like yesterday, about 1 in 2 trains are going. The impact is also being felt to a lesser extent than yesterday, since today is the first day of the summer holidays.

However, the extra trains to the coast have all been scrapped. The expectation was that the platforms for coastbound trains would be very busy, but actually it was rather calm this morning, at least in Ghent's Sint-Pieters Station where our reporter went to take a look. It seems that many day-trippers to the coast haven't taken the trouble to come to the station.

Belgian Rail is advising travellers to consult the app to check the services. The strike is bound tonight around 10PM, but new strikes are coming up in July, organised by other rail unions. ACOD members downed tools because not all staff is entitled to the status of "heavy profession" which allows people to retire earlier. 

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