Discover hidden gems thanks to "Flemish Masters in situ" project

The Flemish Tourism Board has launched a new project to allow art lovers to admire special art works in their original setting, called "Flemish Masters in situ". The aim is to make these top works more accessible to members of the public; "Gods on Mount Olympus" in Antwerp has the honour to kick off the new initiative. 

Flanders boasts many museums and churches where the oublic at large can admire renowened works of art, but some of these are still hidden on their original location. Flanders wants to make those works more accessible with the new initiative. 

The first location that is being opened, is the Hofkamer in Antwerp. The impressive ceiling painting covers 60 square metres, making it the largest of its kind in Western Europe. The work was restored a couple of years ago. "Gods on Mount Olympus" was the work of an anonymous artist. 

In the longer run, Toerisme Vlaanderen wants to open 40 sites across Flanders. Three more sites should be added to the project this year. The Flemish government has earmarked 1 million euros for this. The sites will have an interactive digital part as well. 

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