Police operation in Brussels Stokkel district was part of a terror investigation

Yesterday's police operation in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Pieters-Woluwe was staged as part of a terrorism investigation. This was confirmed by the federal judicial authorities. There were operations in other places as well.

The Stokkel district in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe was confronted with a bomb scare on Saturday afternoon after a suspicious-looking car had been spotted. The bomb disposal unit DOVO came to the scene together with a big number of police officers, while local residents were advised to stay indoors. 

It was not clear what was happening at first, but Mayor Benoît Cerexhe told reporters the intervention was initiated by federal investigators.

Last night, it was revealed that the action in Stokkel was actually part of a bigger terrorism investigation, with operations elsewhere as well. The vehicle in question was not a bomb car, the judicial authorities underlined. The arrival of the bomb disposal unit was only according to general procedures, it was argued. The results of the various police interventions will be evaluated today. 

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