Bruges: dogs locked in car in sweltering heat die

Visitors from Rochefort will remember their visit to Bruges but not for the pleasant stay.  Belgians are not accustomed to sweltering heat and you would be forgiven for thinking it is affecting the balance of some people's minds.

Just think of the decision by people from Rochefort to leave three pets locked in a car on a carpark in Saturday's intense heat.

The visitors left their vehicle with the three dogs on a Bruges car park for the entire afternoon. In all the poor creatures were stuck in the car for nearly six hours in intense heat. It was only worried passers-by who eventually alerted the police to the atrocious conditions the pets' owners had inflicted on the animals.  Bruges police were quick to act smashing the car’s windows to free the pets.  One animal had already succumbed to heat exhaustion.  The two remaining animals were taken to the vets where a second dog soon died.

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