Ed Sheeran: “Belgium to win World Cup”

The English singer Ed Sheeran surprised all and sundry on Sunday brandishing a Belgian tricolour on stage and wearing a Belgium shirt at the end of his concert at Werchter.

Sheeran is not only a world famous singer but also a football fan and you might have expected him to be cheering on his own country's team despite that lacklustre performance in the match against Belgium in the final game of the group stage.  In Warchter he preferred to sport a Belgium shirt that bore the name of Belgian striker Dries Mertens.  Fans will not only remember Sheeran for his songs but also for this generous gesture.

In between songs football reigned supreme with Sheeran expressing understanding for "boyfriends who would rather be at home watching the World Cup".  Around 10PM he even provided the final score of the Croatia-Denmark match.

Sheeran conceded: "Of course I support England, but I think Belgium will win the World Cup".

Dries Mertens tweeted:

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