Sunny skies and sweltering heat all week!

The hot Belgian summer continues with top temperatures in the high twenties for the duration of the entire week.  Skies remain sunny with only the odd high altitude cloud bringing a little solace from time to time.

Highs between 26° and 28° Celsius will be our lot all this week.  Slightly more cloud is expected starting on Wednesday.

On Thursday the wind changes to a north-westerly increasing the chance of the odd shower or thunderstorm.  Weather forecasters say it's highly likely that Flanders will have to wait a while longer for a spot of rain.  Showers, if they occur, will be concentrated in southern Belgium.

In Spain and Brittany cloud and thundery showers have gathered, but are being prevented from reaching our climes by high pressure.  VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere warns there is no immediate end to the Great Drought in sight as Flanders remains as dry as cork. 

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