Red, gold and black plaster cast at Ghent hospital!

After Monday's stunning nail biter against Japan Belgium has secured its ticket for the final eight in the World Cup and will now meet Brazil.  The entire country is embracing the spirit of World Cup, but one hospital is going the extra mile.  At the Jan Palfijn Hospital in Ghent you can get a plaster cast in the colours of the Belgian flag if you are unfortunate enough to break a limb!

Geert Vandendriessche explains that black and red were standard colours, but that yellow had to be ordered especially.  Demand has soared in recent days as Belgium progressed winning all four matches played so far.  The hospital displayed the available plaster cast colours at reception: both children and adults are now asking for a Red Devil plaster cast!  The doctors aren't keeping count of the number of patients who have made the request, but there are a few every day.

Patients are enthusiastic.  A clearly proud young Ambroos: "I fractured my arm in a football match.  I was in goal and received a hard kick.  My brothers say 'I want one like that'".

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