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Traffic calendar blackspots this summer!

The holidays mean less congestion due to commuters, but holiday exoduses will result in traffic jams at other times and in other places. So, what are the dates to avoid?

For most Belgian children the summer holidays started last weekend and it was busier on the roads.  The next critical point is the start of the holidays in the building sector when many people will take to their cars to get away.  The start of this break differs per province or area: 2 July for Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, 9 July for Antwerp and the Leuven area, 16 July for West and East Flanders and Limburg.

The start of holidays in neighbouring countries too can result in congestion here.  Dutch holidaymakers will head for the Flemish coast, but will be transiting Belgium in larger numbers: for the southern Netherlands around 7 July, the central Netherlands around 14 July and the northern Netherlands around 21 July, the date of Belgium's national holiday.

The weekend of 7 July will be busy around Brussels and Antwerp.  Congestion is also expected on the motorways to the coast and around Liege, but also on the motorway to Luxembourg.  Other black spots should be the weekends of 28 July and 4 August particularly if the weather is fine!

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