Flexible parental leave is on the way!

Government parties have agreed to bring forward legislation to allow people to take up parental leave more as it suits them. 

At present you can take full-time or half-time parental leave or parental leave one day a week.  In future you will also be able to take a half a day a week or one day every fortnight too.

Half-time parental leave could also mean a whole week off followed by a week at work.  In this way divorced parents will be able to care for their children without any problems.

Parents of adopted children and foster parents will also be able to take more days off work to care for their children.  Each parent will be able to take six weeks off a year with an extra week added every two years though this has to be shared by both parents.  By 2027 such parents will enjoy the same number of weeks off to care for children as natural parents: 17 weeks.

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