Supermarket chains wake up to plastic nightmare

Supermarkets Lidl and Carrefour intend to stop the sale of throwaway products like straws, plates and cutlery in plastic next year.

Lidl says that it wishes to reduce the use of plastic by 20% by 2025. By the end of next year this German chain plans to stop selling plastic straws, plates and cutlery.  The company's plastic strategy can be summed up as ‘avoid, reduce, and recycle’.  Lidl will be talking to its suppliers in a bid to find more sustainable alternatives.  In a later stage the chain hopes to do away with plastic straws and plastic cutlery used in ready meals and drinks. It will stop wrapping bananas in plastic too and end the use of non-sustainable carrier bags. The measures should cut the use of plastics by 25 tons a year.

Rival Carrefour too hopes to end the sale of disposable items in plastic.  This could occur even sooner than at Lidl in the spring of 2019.  The chains are anticipating a European ban on such items.

Supermarket chain Delhaize told VRT that it hadn't yet drawn up a timing for removing such items from its shelves, but would be replacing plastic bags in the fruit and veg department by paper and cotton ones.  The chain is also starting the sale of aluminium straws.

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