Mayor says he "received a golden tip" in his letter box: Vlooybergtoren delinquents soon to be caught

Rudi Beeken, the Mayor of Tielt-Winge, claims it is almost certain that those responsible for damaging the iconic Vlooyberg Tower, will be caught and brought to justice. 

The watch tower is a local tourist attraction in Tielt-Winge (Flemish Brabant). However, just before the busy season, a group of delinquents made a fire at the bottom of the tower, seriously damaging the work. It will take a lot of time and money to fully restore it. 

Police are on the heels of the criminals, and this morning Mayor Rudi Beeken found an anonymous letter in his letter box, which contained "a golden tip" as he calls it. It is said that the names mentioned in the letter, match the names which topped the police list of possible suspects.

Beeken: "We asked the public to give us any tips which could lead to finding the perpetrators. The writer of the letter claims they were delinquents responsible for various other small fires in the Hageland. It seems correct. We will soon have the delinquents."

The Mayor concluded: "The tower was insured and will be restored. In fact, thanks to the crowdfunding, we will be able to build a higher one. The perpetrators will be caught, which is good news for the area. There are nothing but winners in this case, except the delinquents themselves."  

The offenders risk up to 20 years' imprisonment for arson at night, among other things. 


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