Arsonist targets straw in Brecht

Fire-fighters in the Antwerp municipality of Brecht spent the night extinguishing a fire that had taken hold of a heap of bales of straw.  Fire-fighters fear that this was an arson attack.

Jan Scheurweghs: "It was around half past one that we started to receive reports of people smelling a fire.  As far afield as Wijnegem people were calling in."

The culprit was soon located.  An enormous heap of bales of straw standing 2 metres high, 30 metres long and 10 metres across in a meadow.

Jan Scheurweghs: "In order to be able to fight the fire efficiently we pulled the bales apart using a bulldozer.  The fire had reached the centre of the heap.”

The heap of bales was located at the edge of a wood increasing the fire risk.

Jan Scheurweghs: "We're happy there was hardly any wind.  As a result the fire didn't spread to the wood."

In time fire-fighters gained control of the blaze.

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