Protesters on the street ahead of Mr Trump's visit

"Trump Not Welcome" was the slogan under which an estimated 1,400 people marched in Brussels on Saturday in protest against the policies of the US President.  Mr Trump will be in Brussels this week attending the NATO Council.

Some seventy organisations backed the protest that was the initiative of various women’s, peace and human rights' organisations.  One demonstrator summed it up as follows: "We're opposed to Trump's policies, his sexist, racist and anti-social policies."

Peace, migration and climate were the issues that had brought out the protesters.

"It's not about the man, but the policy he stands for.  It’s a world in which weapons are welcome, but not refugees or migrants.  It's a world in which children are locked up.  We wish a different kind of society" said Isabelle van Brabant, one of the people behind the march.

The way that Mr Trump deals with women isn't to the liking of the protesters either.  The march included many children, all dressed in white and hugging a cuddly toy in protest against what was called "Trump's inhuman migration policy". 

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