Animal-friendly fireworks for the Flemish holiday

The intense heat is putting a damper on celebrations to mark the Flemish holiday on Wednesday, but never fear firework manufacturer Everard Pauly has come up with a solution: it is organising alternative shows that are low on noise with fireworks that are animal-friendly.

11 July is the Flemish holiday and will be marked by events across northern Belgium and its capital, Brussels.  Fireworks are part and parcel of such celebrations, but the intense heat of the past few weeks means the fire brigade would rather not see conventional fireworks displays.  The towns of Lint, Mechelen and Brasschaat are cancelling their displays because of the high risk of a fire.

A lot of planning has gone into the celebrations, but fortunately firework producer Everard Pauly has a creative solution. Fire work displays will go ahead in several cities, but the company has come up with an alternative animal-friendly low noise display with fireworks that stick to the ground instead of being fired high into the air.  There will be fewer loud bangs, but local residents will be able to enjoy the work of fire artists.

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